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Stump that has a seed


April 16 2012(mon)-21(sat) 11:00am-7:00pm(Last day 5:00)

This exhibition is the 5th exhibition of "Exploring Tree Rings"which is my work concept. The play with annual rings is an act that I count wooden annual rings and carve the figure of the tree at that time along with one annual ring and experience vicariously the time which the tree spent. And the work of a wooden surface and the core of annual rings remains by the act.
I played on the stump this time.
It is because I thought that the wooden starting point is in a stump when I played by a root last time. I have so far done the play with annual rings by various parts of trees.
I was felt for the space where the space between a core and a surface is very big when I noticed this.
The seed which fell to the ground buds, the trunk is extended to empty and the root is extended to underground.
The beginning of the trunk and root is in a stump.
Annual rings begin from this place.
The time of business of a tree exists there as visible space.
I would like to express that wonder at this exhibition.

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