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The Work File Of Yo Shimadu



Production date


Size / Materials

h 61cm w 21cm d 14cm
Zelkova, Opaque acrylic paint


Gallery Hinoki
by Susumu Tomizawa


This is a branch of the zelkova for about 31 years from which the tip branched off into two branches.
I carved a core along with the annual rings for the 27th year from the tip end of the branch. A core is carved through the turning point of two branches to a bottom end, leaving the budding marks. It is growing with small deflection as if it looked for the destination by groping.
A tree changes a form by various factors.
Generating of a branch I think that it is a main factor.
And a formal change makes me imagine various things.
This branch made me imagine a torso at first.
It impressed armor and a clay figure as inside was tunneled.
And it made me imagine a sky which is a destination of a branch and a time of wood as completion approached.
Finally it made me imagine the blue color as a sky or the universe strongly.
The starting point of coloring of this exhibition is the blue of this work.


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