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The Work File Of Yo Shimadu


Nettle tree of Handa Elementary School

Production date


Size / Materials

h265cm, w215cm, d85cm,
Nettle tree,
Aqueous stain,
Prepolymer resin,


Handa Elementary School


A nettle tree of Handa Elementary School whom I graduated from fell down by typhoon 23 on October 23, 2004.
The principal of this time wanted to leave this tree of about 200 years years old as a monument of the school. And I offered that I made it.
By the way, Handa Elementary School was founded in 1891.
Therefore, naturally this tree of about 200 years old has the ring of the age of 1891.
Then I decided to carve the figure of the tree when the elementary school was founded in the tree.
Furthermore, the name of the typhoon that fell down this tree is "Tokage". Tokage means a lizard. Therefore I carved one lizard in this tree.


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