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Photo Susumu Tomizawa

Decaying Wood


February 25 2013(mon)-March 2(sat) 11:30am-7:00pm
(Last day 5:00pm)

I held a private exhibition in a concept by "Exploring tree rings" until last year, but this year I hold a private exhibition of new concept "Expression of the wood".
This theme is decaying wood. I think that there are not many people who have the good image for the word of decay. It means being corrupt or being die and cannot wipe out a negative image.
However, this exhibition is not expressing a negative image.
It is one of the food chains that a tree decays. Rot bacteria are in the tree including the water and ruin the organization of the tree. And an insect lays an egg there and grows up with a tree as food, and the tree changes into soil.
I compare the expression of a decaying tree with the expression that does not decay and show the expression of the tree.

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